Glaciated Allegheny Plateau installed

We are delighted to now have Northeastern Ohio adequately represented in the Heritage Garden. On the Master plan since the beginning, we installed a Glaciated Allegheny Plateau area in the back yard along the Columbia Avenue fence featuring some of the area’s special trees like striped bark maple and hop hornbeam and shrubs like native hydrangea, hobblebush and native honeysuckle.

The Governors Gardeners prepared the hill last fall and planted it this spring with plants that prefer acid soils and cooler weather, like are found in the hills and valleys of the Glaciated Allegheny Plateau, a section of Ohio that runs along the glacial margin of the state from a thin tip in Adams County to a wide swath near Lake Erie. Many of the state’s Garden Club of America’s affiliates and the Garden Club of Ohio chapters as well as a grant from the Wild Ones has made this garden possible. We hope you will come visit the Heritage Garden and watch it mature.

Geological Walk Through Time Exhibit
​Opened at Ohio Fairgrounds

On July 25th 2012, Friends’ Chair and First Lady Karen Kasich along with Friends’ President Barbara Lach, Friends’ Board Members, state departments’ directors, statewide contributors, and over one hundred and fifty others, attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Geological Walk Through Time Exhibit at the Natural Resources Park at the Ohio State Fairgrounds.

The installation was the result of the Heritage Garden Committee’s six years of work with some of the state’s best geologists, educators and trade associations to develop an exhibit that links Ohio’s bedrock geology with its botany and economic development. The Ohio Geologic Walk Through Time brings Ohio geology to the surface so visitors can see and touch the bedrock foundation of our great state. From sandstone, used for buildings, to coal, used for energy, to the salt used on icy roadways, the economic importance of our state’s geology has influenced Ohio’s history and is a valuable natural resource.

Finished just in time to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Ohio Geological Survey, the exhibit is the world’s largest state bedrock map that can be walked on so that bedrock beneath the counties can be identified. A walkway connecting the map is divided into geologic time periods to scale with examples of bedrock that formed during each period. The markers at the beginning and end of each of the section divide the 4.6 million years of the earth’s history into nine periods that have affected Ohio’s topography, economic development and botanical treasures. The exhibit redefines the concept of a ‘rock garden.’

Explore Ohio’s past through millions of years and discover why Ohio rocks! We invite you to explore this privately funded permanent exhibit at the fairgrounds and reading the article, “Why What’s Beneath Your Feet Matters.”

Governor’s Gardeners Volunteers Provide
​Outstanding Support in 2012

The 2012 growing season saw the renewal of the volunteer program designed to help the Heritage Garden look its best. Orientation in March included over 90 volunteers from 18 counties throughout Ohio. Volunteers came more than twice a month to help plant, weed, trim, and tend the various areas in the Heritage Garden - planting over 200 flats of annuals, harvesting vegetables for the local crisis centers, and amazing staff with the amount of weeds they removed each workday. Guest speakers and field trips to private gardens rewarded their efforts. Please contact Hope Taft at if you would like to become part of next year’s Governor’s Gardner volunteer effort. We have a great time and get a lot of work done too!

QR Codes Installed

This summer, the Heritage Garden sprouted discrete signs to help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the physiographic regions of the state and the plants they support. Using a Founders Fund award from the Garden Club of America, the Heritage Garden installed Quick Response [QR] codes for all the major areas of the property.

QR Codes are used much like a standard bar code, except they are scanned most often with a smart phone like the IPhone, Blackberry or Droid loaded with an application (app) designed to read them. This state of the art signage will help those who are not on a guided tour understand the philosophy of the Heritage Garden and its desire to encourage the use of native plants in residential settings. It’s a great addition to Ohio’s official botanical garden of native plants.
Mission Statement
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Glaciated Allegheny Plateau in the Heritage Garden
Former Ohio First Lady and Friends' Heritage Garden Committee Chair Hope Taft, Friends' President Barbara Lach, and Ohio First Lady and Friends' Chair Karen Kasich at the Geologic Walk ribbon cutting ceremony
Governor's Gardeners Barbara Barbosa and Jill Rable working hard and having fun in the Heritage Garden.