Features of the Residence
Today the Residence features much of the original architectural detail but is now home to a collection of artwork, furniture and additional items of note that demonstrate Ohio’s rich history, industry and craftsmanship.

The Residence displays a collection of artwork by artists from around the State on loan from Ohio museums as well as pieces from contemporary artists coordinated by the Ohio Arts Council. One piece of note is The Summit by Howard Chandler Christy featured prominently over the staircase in the foyer, which is on permanent loan from the Ohio Historical Society. Mr. Christy was born in Morgan County and was a popular illustrator in the early twentieth century. He also painted several large scale canvases of historical events such as The Signing of the Treaty of Greenville on display at the Ohio Statehouse and the Signing of the Constitution featured at U.S. Capital.

Because many parts of Ohio have clay or sandy soil, and the state had abundant natural gas resources the glass and pottery industries flourished in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Examples of Ohio pottery and glass are found throughout the first floor. A twenty-piece place setting of glassware in the orchid pattern is on loan from the Heisey Glass Collectors Association and can be seen in the dining and great rooms.

A portion of the Ohioana Library, originally started by First Lady Martha Kinney Cooper in 1929, is featured in the Residence living room and consists of books written by Ohio authors or on topics related to Ohio.

Furniture in the public areas comes from a variety of sources. Some of the furniture dates to the period of when the Residence was a private home and gifts were made by the Carlile family heirs. Several ornately carved chairs and tables were handcrafted in the early 20th century by inmates of the old Ohio State Reformatory at Mansfield while a few pieces, like the six-paneled hand-carved wooden screen and two framed prints hanging in the garden room were gifts presented to Ohio’s Governors during trade missions or in recognition of our sister state relationships abroad.

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